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Tablets Suck!!!

2011-07-24 03:13:56 by essechaos

Before I start, I want to let all of you know that I am not the best at righting or spelling. So to all of you that are going to bitch, fuck you and get a life.

The other day I was reading an article on Google new, It talk about how computer sales have gone down about 20% in the last year and the reason for that was tablets. I do not know much about tables but from what I understand is that they are just an oversized phone that you cannot make calls on. If you ask me, a laptop can do everything that a tablet can do and more. I just don't understand why people are going out to the store to buy a tablet that is $400 when they can get a perfectly good laptop for the same price. If you think about it tablets are limited to what they can do and laptop have millions of things they can do. I do have an open mind so I want to hear what you guys think. Does anyone else think tables suck?


Tablets Suck!!!


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